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Our firm understands that a dog bite injury can range from loss of limbs, loss of fingers, loss of toes and even death, to simple bites requiring stitches and treatment through physical therapy. We treat all dog bite injury cases as the most serious types of cases because of the psychological and physical impact dog bites have on our clients. This is very serious and traumatizing for a person and can leave not only permanent physical scarring, but also emotional scarring as well.

We realize that there is a fear of dog bites and other pet bites particularly with certain dangerous species of pets or reckless homeowners harboring dangerous breeds. These attacks can have a terrible physical and emotional effect on our personal injury clients. In Pennsylvania, the law requires that dogs must always be on their leash if they are out of their home area. When a homeowner permits their dog or dogs to roam freely, dog bites occur and our dog bite clients can and have suffer from disfigurement including broken bones, deep bruises, cuts and other wounds that can result in clients requiring treatment for psychological problems, plastic surgery, physical therapy and even rabies treatment or hospitalization. There is liability for harboring a dangerous dog and failing to comply with the leash laws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Let our firm give your case the attention it deserves. We will aggressively pursue the insurance carriers to get the best results for any of our dog bite clients.

If you or someone you know has been injured or by a dog bite, please call 724-430-0514 or email us to schedule a consultation immediately. As with ALL CASES TIME IS CRUCIAL AND THE QUICKER EVIDENCE IS GATHERED AND PRESERVED … THE BETTER. SO CALL NOW.